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Permanent Makeup

By Marla Hayes, Certified Derma-Technician

Now at 691 Grand Street Vermilion, Ohio. Located in Historic Downtown Vermilion


Permanent Cosmetics (also known as permanent makeup, or micropigmentation)

is the safe and completely controlled method of inserting microdots of pigment into

the dermal layer of the skin. These "microdots" of pigment are applied in a series of

applications scheduled one month apart to achieve natural to dramatic

results, depending on your own personal preference. Most procedures are completed

within two applications.


Numbing agents are used so none or minimal "Pain" is involved.

You will love the results from this procedure and have much "Pleasure"

from it.


 Permanent eyeliner is a must for every woman ! Wake up beautiful everyday!

No more smudges, smears, or the washed out makeup look at the end of the day.

Ophthalmologists recommend Permanent Makeup for individuals who wear

contacts, or people allergic to conventional makeup.


Permanent eyebrows sets you free! As we age, eyebrow hair loss becomes more prevalent.

Many woman have been applying eyebrow pencil for years and are tired of it!

No more fear of losing your penciled on eyebrows at the beauty salon, during

exercise, swimming, or just wiping your forehead. Natural results are achieved

with this permanent eyebrow procedure that a pencil can't compete with .


Are you tired of applying lipstick after every meal, and through out the day?

Is your lip border and lip color diminishing as you age ?

Permanent lipliner and full lip color procedure restore your natural features

and returns that younger look by allowing the size, shape and color of your

lips to be enhanced.



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